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Willow - Lace Weeping - Tree
Location: Sun | Zone: 3
A fast growing weeping willow. Orignated in China. The leaves are long and change to yellow in the fall while the bark is a red-brown color. Due to the large size of this willow, please plan accordingly when planting. This tree grows best in full sun.
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There are a large selection of succulents and cacti scheduled to arrive in the spring. 

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This is a great time to plan your spring baskets and planters. Anaylze the areas where they will be placed and determine the amount of water and sun/shade that they will be recieving. This determines the type of annuals that will be placed in them. 

If planning ahead is just not for you, our staff can help you to design and create the perfect spring planters that will last all season. 



Did you know that we host birthday parties for all ages? From fairy gardens to wind spinners, we are ready to make your child's birthday the best one yet! Contact us at for more information and to book a birthday party! 


Thinking about creating a landscape next year? Get in touch with us now to book your landscape for next season. Contact Carmen at 403-704-4145. Installation is also available.



Check back soon for the 2018 seasons hanging basket and planter designs. Preorder forms will also be available. 



Houseplants can create a healthy atmosphere in your home. They remove toxins from the air and brighten any room.

For more beneficial plants, visit the Garden Tips page.